Gambling facts and statistics 2013

Gambling facts and statistics 2013 bodog gambling review

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Louis did a study on gambling rates and problem gambling in Some nations have heavily restricted — or even banned — gambling, while others see placing bets as a major part of their way of life. So just which countries have the highest rates of gambling? Gambling in the U. College Students and Online Gambling The fastest growing segment of the population involved in online gambling are college students. What's all the more amazing is how far ahead Stztistics is when compared to most of the world. Another report on online gambling noted that the easy accessibility and frequency of play of online gambling present a significant risk wtatistics problem gambling.

For the first time ever the Health Survey for England has included questions on gambling. See they key figures from their findings. We bring you a wide variety of gambling statistics from around the world. A survey by SuperData Research found lot of information about just who. Online gambling statistics - how many people are addicted to online gambling websites and internet casinos? Below, TechAddiction has provided a number of interesting facts on internet casinos as well as selected online gambling statistics: There are now thousands of internet.